Home Buyer's Insurance for just £35

1 in 10 property purchases fall through, often due to gazumping. On top of losing your dream home, you could also lose hundreds or even thousands of pounds
you will have already spent on legal, survey and mortgage lending fees.

Home Buyer's Insurance covers you against these losses, reimbursing your expenses up to £2,250.

Protecting your pocket and giving you peace of mind.

What is Home Buyer’s Insurance?

You’ve found the perfect property and your offer has been accepted, so you’ve applied for your mortgage, issued a survey and instructed your solicitor. Then the worst happens, the sale falls through, and you’ve already paid hundreds, maybe even thousands in fees.

Home Buyer’s Insurance covers you against these losses, reimbursing your expenses up to the amount of £2,250:

→ Conveyancing & search fees up to £1,500
→ Survey & valuation fees up to £500
→ Mortgage arrangement fees up to £250

It’s a one off payment, and you could be covered in seconds.

Reasons why your purchase could fall through:

  • Gazumping – someone else comes in with a higher offer
  • The seller changes their mind and takes the property off the market
  • The mortgage lender valuation is lower than the accepted offer
  • The survey identifies major repair work that no one was aware of


Price Comparison


Policy Details

Some important facts about your Home Buyer’s Insurance policy are summarised below. This summary does not describe all the terms and conditions of this policy, so please take time to read the policy document to make sure you understand the cover it provides.

Policy Duration
Your cover will start within 7 days of the date your solicitor is instructed by you to start the conveyancing work to complete the purchase of the property, or where the property is purchased at an auction, from the date of the auction where your bid was successful. Your cover will finish 182 days after the start date, or before if you make a claim, the policy is cancelled or your complete purchase of the property.

Significant Exclusions or Limitations
The policy does not cover costs and expenses:
• incurred prior to the inception date
• if you are aware of a previous survey of the property which may lead to an insured event
• if you decide to withdraw from the purchase of the property, unless the reason is covered by an insured event
• if an insured event occurs due to a deliberate act by you
• if they can be reclaimed from or refunded by another party

Cancellation Right
If you decide that for any reason, this policy does not meet your insurance needs then please return it to the administrator within 14 days from the day of purchase or the day on which you receive your policy documentation, whichever is the later. On the condition that no claims have been made or are pending, we will then refund your premium in full.

To read the Home Buyer’s Insurance policy summary, click here.

To read the full Home Buyer’s Insurance policy wording, click here.

Gazumping Uncovered

Gazumping happens when a buyer has an offer accepted on a property, but before the sale is completed the seller accepts a higher offer from someone else.

As unfair as gazumping may seem, it is perfectly legal in England and Wales, and it’s more common than you’d think. A recent survey by Homelyfe with YouGov of 1,300 British homeowners found that one in ten people have been gazumped.

On top of the disappointment of losing your new home, would-be home buyers also lose the money they spent on legal, survey and mortgage lending fees and this can rack up into the thousands. In fact, our survey revealed that 14% of people lost more than 1,000.

Home Buyer’s Insurance protects you against this double disappointment, covering you against £2,250 worth of losses.

To protect yourself against gazumping for £35, sign up here.

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