Who are Homelyfe?

Homelyfe was created because of our own experiences when buying and managing insurance. We got fed up with complicated, long-winded and out-of-date processes, for something as important as protecting your favourite things.

So we set to work building Homelyfe, using technology to make insurance simple. The way it should be.

We work with selected leading underwriters based on their competitive rates and expertise, and that means that you get the best cover at the right price.

From the app you can do everything from getting a quote and purchasing, to managing multiple insurance policies and even initiating a claim. So no more paperwork. And when it’s time to renew we’ll automatically search to see if there’s a better option out there. Just one example of the little things we do to save you time and money.

Our vision is built around convenience and confidence.

The Convenience of having all your insurance in one place, and the ability to buy and renew cover without being repeatedly asked long lists of questions.

The Confidence of knowing that you’re getting the best cover at the right price thanks to our competitive panel of underwriters, and a more transparent claims process.

This journey has only just started, but change is coming.

Leadership Team

Peter Goodman

Co-Founder and CEO

Peter likes to use the latest technologies to improve established industries, just like the insurance industry. He has started five businesses and invested in over ten start-ups, so he’s somewhat of a serial entrepreneur. His biggest accomplishment so far has been Brighter Option (now Social.com), the world’s largest Facebook ad management software.

What’s the best life lesson you’ve learnt? “Manners cost nothing, be nice on the way up because it can be a long way down.”

Andrew Craven

Co-Founder and CTO

Andy is an accomplished technology leader with experience in digital marketing, retail, government, and oil & gas sectors. Having previously co-founded and sold Social.com with Peter, Andy brings his experience and character to the good ship Homelyfe. In his spare time Andy is building a fusion reactor in his garage. He once on a whim drove from London to Mongolia in an £80 car, and was the first person to sell an oil rig on the internet.

Simon Dixon

Co-Founder and Head of Engineering

Simon is all about web and mobile software, he has over 15 years’ experience working with tech companies, and like his co-founders is something of an entrepreneur himself. Previous roles include Chief Architect at Social.com (Salesforce) where he was massively hands-on building back-end systems and API integrations.

What’s the best business lesson you’ve learnt? “In the start-up world, the developer needs the business person as much as the business person needs the developer; it takes more than one individual to build a successful tech business. At Homelyfe I think we have an unbelievable team covering all the bases.

Johnny Copperstone

Co-founder and Lead Front-End Developer

Johnny is an experienced interface and applications developer, with a keen focus on leveraging the latest technologies to build scalable architectures giving the business a solid foundation to grow rapidly. He has previously led the front-end efforts of multiple Ad Platforms within Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud.

What technology has had the biggest impact in your life over the last 3 years? “Spotify. As a music lover, being able to seamlessly move the music around any device, it’s brought me one step closer to soundtracking my lyfe!”

Toby Baker

Chief Capacity Officer

Toby is an insurance aficionado, thanks to over 26 years in Personal Lines Insurance, account management and sales – influencing and advising on all aspects of business brokerage and underwriter negotiations. At Homelyfe HQ, he keeps the whole team motivated and on track for success.

What’s the best piece of advice about insurance you’ve ever been given? A boss of mine many years ago told me to always be upfront and truthful to clients and never lie to insurers/underwriters.”

Chris Carmichael

Chief Media and Marketing Officer

Homelyfe’s resident marketing expert, Chris is excited about bringing Homelyfe into people’s lives, having previously worked at established big name brands like HSBC, HP and Nokia.

What technology has had the biggest impact in your life over the last 3 years? “In general terms, how can anyone not say the internet? Or maybe mobile technology? More specifically, for me I would say Amazon – I’m a Prime customer, shop with them frequently, watch Prime Video, my kids all have Kindles… amazing company.”

Michael Murphy

Product Director

Michael is an accomplished PhD physicist, innovator, and product expert with over six years’ experience working across industries as diverse as quantum computing, apparel, oil and gas, consumer goods, and digital marketing. He’s also the official Homelyfe cake baker.

Why do you want to change the way insurance works? “Insurance is fundamentally out of step with the world today. It’s inconceivable that I can order a taxi, buy a dozen donuts, or rent a house from my phone, yet I can’t manage my insurance. Insurers need to start putting customers first!”

Anil Sharma

Chief Financial Officer

With over 17 years’ experience in financial services, including roles at PwC, Credit Suisse and Prudential, Anil is our CFO with a wealth of knowledge. Before moving to the start-up space, he was Commercial Finance Director for a $1bn (GWP) global insurance business. At Axa (Genworth), he gained experience in pensions, investment and general insurance.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? Roll with it’ – it applies to life and business.”

Nick Spyer

Director of Partnerships and Alliances

Nick is a software as a service (Saas) veteran with over 13 years experience in senior revenue and leadership roles at Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, Telegraph Media Group, Experian and Yext.

Why do you want to change the way insurance works? “I share the same frustration as many of our customers, a lack of control and customer centricity in the current insurance ecosystem. I joined Homelyfe to build a business that solves this challenge.”

Peter Barrett

Executive Chairman

Peter has held many high profile jobs, largely in the insurance industry. He’s been the MD of Bradford & Bingley, MD of GE Life, launched both Goldfish Bank and the AA Insurance Brokerage in the UK, and ran Genworth’s insurance companies globally. If there’s something he doesn’t know about insurance, it’s probably not worth knowing.

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